How to Make Money Using Alibaba

make money using alibaba

How to Make Money Using Alibaba

make money using alibaba

Most people have that dream business that they have been yearning to start. Typically, beginning a business requires resources, principally time and money. Regardless of the possibility that you sell online, you have to make some effort in the event that you are dealing with physical sales that involve importing, logistics, stockpiling and shipping). In spite of the fact that Alibaba is the best B2B ecommerce site it is constantly critical to see how much time you will put in bringing in the merchandise and profitably selling it. In this article, we will delve on how an entrepreneur can make money through Alibaba and discuss further on the step by step guide on how a buyer can select a profitable product on the same platform.

Make money importing from Alibaba

If you have an account with Alibaba, I presume you have loads of questions ringing in your mind. Where will you find suppliers? How will you know what’s going to sell? When you know that, how do you know what product to sell? How would you wipe out the risk of scams and bad shipments? Where do you even begin to research? To a beginner this can be terrifying, troublesome, disappointing, down-right difficult. That is the prime reason that we have put up this guide. So this is basically going to be a guide on what you should do in order to make money while importing on Alibaba and sell them online. Ensure you follow this guide and stick to it, you will reap all the rewards the far east has to offer.

There are a ton of uplifting news and gossipy tidbits on the best way to profit on Alibaba, however as a business person dependably ensure you have a truly clear comprehension of what products will sell before going into it. On the off chance that you aren’t watchful, it is truly simple to wind up with a cleverly crazy measure of useless item that will not convert into sales. Basically the procedure works this way:

Product Research

Get a rundown of items that are offering great and have moderate rivalry. Attempt to choose something that you have some basic information of. There are a ton ways you can do this, and the hardest part is generally jotting down your thoughts to investigate. You can also ask individuals, keep a note pad where you scribble down fascinating items that you see ordinarily.

Product upgrade

Start perusing surveys to comprehend the item better. Attempt to recognize some kind of item shortcoming that can be improved. Look through Amazon Best Sellers and Ebay Popular to check whether you can piggyback.

Private Label

You can likewise brand your product. This will make your product unique and quite appealing to your customers.

Negotiate as you buy

On Alibaba, you will pay a premium for even a small order. Requesting 300 products at a go is a pleasant balance between expense and profit.

Logistics and Shipping

Shipping from China is costly. There are loads of custom and warehouse charges . Air transportation may work for light things however for the most part you will need to deliver by boat.

List your products

There are heaps of articles about how to make awesome postings on Amazon and eBay. However a decent place for exploration is just to take a gander at postings for high offering products and take after their listing.

Product Launch and Coupons

No one will purchase your product until it has reviews and has a high score. Make coupon codes; you can present it on different sites to get your product reviewed. When positive reviews begin to stream in, sales will follow and you will make money.

I know you are nodding your head having gone through the above steps. However, you won’t get through all of this on your first try without making some mistakes, and you probably won’t realize a nice profit on your first item. Like most new businesses, some luck is usually required as well.

In summary, if you want to make money on Alibaba simply “Find a good product” , “Find a good supplier then Sell and build” – After you have a good product, and a good supplier, you just have to start selling it. It is important that you leverage on the economies of scope of Alibaba to both sell your product, and build up your own recurring customer base.


Finding a Profitable Product on Alibaba (Step by Step Guide)

Picking an item is the most essential component to having your business succeed. This is the fundamental motivation behind why, your product to a big extent determines everything about your business and that is an imperative choice to make.

Simply consider it, suppose that you selected an item that was terrible yet then you did everything else flawlessly. Meaning you did each other part of the procedure correctly, for example, finding a decent supplier, great value, fantastic item, enhanced posting, and so forth. Think about what happens? You more than likely will lose a substantial amount of cash. That is the reason it is imperative that you invest a considerable measure of energy finding the right item that will give you the most return on investment. I am trusting this post will be of assistance to you as you experience the procedure and ideally control you to finding the ideal item to sell.

Let’s Check a video to see how to Avoid Losing Money(Avoid Scams) On Alibaba


Snappy Checklist on What to Look for while Choosing Your Products on Alibaba

  1. Keep the Average Product Sale Price Between $10-$200 – Refrain from higher valued products are typically harder to dispatch, require higher quality control, and truly amplify your errors when first beginning in the shipping industry. In this industry, it is amazingly difficult to succeed out of that price range, so don’t take any risks in it, obviously utilize your own judgment.
  2. It should be little and light (Preferably under 2 to 3 pounds) – Always avoid headaches that accompany shipping huge products, for example, furniture or kitchen apparatuses around the globe. You need something that will be easy to ship around, on the grounds that transportation is going to eat your overall revenues.
  3. Avoid seasonal products – You need to discover things that have a predictable base of purchasers. I am certain there is a bundle of cash to be made in offering Christmas stuff and winter garments from Asia, yet it will be amazingly seasonal, and you are most likely going to wind up with a huge amount of dead stock. Always try not to buy seasonal products such as Halloween Costumes or Christmas Ornaments.
  4. Selling for twice as much as your purchase cost – Place atleast a 100% markup on every product that you import from Alibaba. That implies on the off chance that you cannot sell a product twofold the value, simply walk away!
  5. Consistent stream of purchasers – You need something that is going to offer reliably throughout the entire year and for a long time to come. So don’t get into a product line that will have an always diminishing base of purchasers.
  6. Always go for products that will encourage repeat business.
  7. Lastly, go for products that are superior over other similar items.


Worthy to note, your best friend in the importing business is AliBaba. From now hence forth, when you log in to Alibaba your goal should be to find a dream supplier for any product you are making money on, because then you can focus on growing the sales of your business rather than on customer service and shipping. You can use it for your own businesses, for your clients. It is an awesome resource.


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