How to Buy on Alibaba

how to buy on alibaba

How to Buy on Alibaba – A Step by Step Guide

how to buy on alibaba

In the event that you’ve chosen and are resolved to source your supplier online, there’s a decent risk you will purchase from Alibaba. By the numbers, Alibaba is the biggest e-commerce organization on the planet (greater than Amazon and eBay consolidated) and it’s likewise the most exhaustive index that interfaces suppliers (generally from Asia) with purchasers from everywhere throughout the world. Alibaba actually has a huge number of items from a huge number of suppliers so there’s very little you wont discover on the catalog. In this article, we will guide you on how you can buy on Alibaba right from account registration upto modes of payments.

How to Register for a Buyer Account

  1. In order to transact on Alibaba first you have to open an account. You will be required to enter your email and after that;
  2. An affirmation email will be sent to you. If it’s not too much trouble tap the connection in the email and fill in all the required data. On the off chance that you’d like to enroll for a buyer account you will click on “Buyer” when filling in the ‘I am a’ field.
  3. After filling all your details and verifying your account; you will be allowed to transact on Alibaba
  4. Start Your Product Search
  5. You now have an account, the next thing you need to do is to search for the product that you plan to purchase.
  6. Purchasing on Alibaba is genuinely straight forward to utilize and like different commercial centers like eBay. Click on the search bar and type the name of the supplier or the item classifications or do a quest for the specific item you’re searching for.
  7. There are two normal ways to deal with doing a product search on Alibaba. You can either search for things in view of item depictions, for instance: laptops, which will give you a great many results for all types of computers. Then again, starting from the drop menu, you can choose “Suppliers” rather than “Items” and rather look for makers that have practical experience in that specific kind of item.

How would I discover items on

There are three approaches to discover items on

1. Search

  • Enter item names or catch phrases in the inquiry bar. The pursuit capacity is natural and will prescribe items, suppliers or quotes in view of your info.
  • On the outcomes page, you can limit your inquiry to discover precisely what you require:

2. Attempt AliSource:

  • Post a purchasing demand determining your sourcing needs, and you’ll get coordinating quotes within one working day.
  • You can also get professional help from Purchasing Agents.

3. Use Alibaba’s Wholesaler Choice

Utilize’s Wholesaler choice to discover items that are accessible in Minimum-Order-Quantities(MOQ), get moment value quotes and submit an online order. Each Wholesaler exchange is guaranteed by’s Secure Payment Service.

What to Look for on Product Pages

At the point when beginning your quest for a supplier on Alibaba, there are a couple of things you need to take a gander at and pay consideration on the item posting page. These factors include : – Unit Price , Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and the Payment Options. Finally when you discover an item or supplier that interests you, it’s an ideal opportunity to contact the supplier and request for an quote and if possible a sample.

How to Ask For a Quote on Alibaba

Asking for a quote (commonly alluded to as a RFQ, Request For Quote) is a moderately basic procedure, be that as it may, taking a couple of additional minutes to arrange your email can have a noteworthy effect in the number and nature of answers you get. However you need to request quotations and samples from more than one supplier. Also remember to tell your supplier which item you require a specimen of and what number of pieces per item. Finally, remember to furnish the supplier with your conveyance delivery and request that they label the items as samples.

You have Placed an Order; What follows?

After you submit an online order, please contact the supplier and ask him/her to draft a business contract in My Alibaba. You can then affirm the request and present your payment according to the guidelines in the order page.

How do I pay the Supplier on Alibaba?

  • Paying your supplier is very simple on Alibaba. Buyers can use the foolowing methods: Bank Transfer, Letter of Credit, Western Union, PayPal or Escrow. However, Alibaba have gone a step ahead by establishing a more secure mode of payment referred to as Alipay. This is the biggest outsider online installment administration supplier in China, and a related organization of Alibaba Group. It gives guarantee to both purchasers and suppliers occupied with worldwide exchange.
  • Secure Payment holds purchasers’ installments while requests are being prepared and conveyed. At the point when both purchaser and supplier have checked that the exchange is finished, then the cash is discharged.
  • There’s no compelling reason to make a Secure Payment account. All you need is an participation. You can utilize Secure Payment when paying for requests in Wholesaler. It’s a free administration.
  • On the off chance that your request is set through Secure Payment and you need to pay for it later, that is worthy. Be that as it may, please take note of that your request will be drop if you don’t pay for it in 20 days.
  • By and large, when you are simply beginning, you’ll likely need to search for or arrange with suppliers to either acknowledge PayPal or some sort of Escrow administration to give you the most elevated amount of security.


Sourcing a dependable supplier for your item from Alibaba may be another experience additionally a compensating one. With some essential information and normal protections, it can be quite sheltered. Continuously do you due determination and if the deal seems too good, be twice shy. There are a hundred different suppliers you can discover in only a couple clicks. Enjoy your Alibaba experience!