How to Avoid Scams on Alibaba

avoid scams on alibaba

How to Avoid Scams on Alibaba(Alibaba Scams) – A Step by Step Guide

avoid scams on alibaba

As you are aware, Alibaba is the world’s greatest B2B commercial center. It permits suppliers and worldwide purchasers to meet. There are a huge number of suppliers selling many products on Alibaba. Having these millions of listed suppliers, it’s impossible for to screen every one of them. Discovering suppliers is simple; the critical step is selecting the right one.

There are still a lot of stories about purchasers being scammed by suppliers recorded in different online catalogs. Fortunately, it’s not very hard to keep away from these scammers. Alibaba does not deliberately ignore such scams, but rather has put in place limitations to help fraud victims.

Some people say Alibaba is a scam! But this is not true. Yes, there are scammers, yet Alibaba is Not a Scam!!! You just should be ready and figure out how to distinguish between bona fide suppliers and scammers. In this article we look into some common types of supplier scams, explain on 12 ways on how you can avoid such scammers and reach real and genuine suppliers through Alibaba.


12 Ways to Avoid Scams on Alibaba

1. Look at Online Supplier Reviews

This is one of the best approaches to discover certified suppliers. Individuals rate suppliers for their business, administration and dealings. You should look at what other individuals are saying in regards to them. The higher the rate of positive reviews and input, the more genuine the supplier is.

2. Look at Account Age of the Supplier

Working with a 3 years gold member is superior to that with a lesser time, it is even much better to run with suppliers who have been on the platform for long. The more seasoned a supplier profile is ; the better. Ensure you watch that the supplier has been dynamic amid the time of their membership.

3. Check the Suppliers Detail at Ali Express Store

Ali express store is an organization claimed by Here only verified suppliers are listed. Furthermore, suppliers at Ali express have low Minimum Order Quantity prerequisite. It is constantly great to request for samples on Ali Express and once you are happy with them then proceed onward to higher volumes on Alibaba.

4. Check on the Company Profile

The Company Profile comprises of data both confirmed and unconfirmed by You can know whether an organization is qualified to incorporate into your sourcing procedure by verifying the company name, understanding its business type and confirm the company’s quality certifications. You can also confirm on the company’s registered address.

5. Check on the Supplier’s Product Selection/Niche

Continuously discover a supplier that is experienced in assembling or exporting a specific product. Product specialization accompanies various advantages that will largely affect your business. You may need to check whether the product is highlighted in the supplier’s organization name. If along these lines, this might be a solid sign that the organization was enrolled for the sole reason for assembling the product you are sourcing for.

6. Always avoid Free Account Members

In the event that a merchant is genuine about offering quality products, they will pay expenses for a Gold membership to show their dedication. The charges are entirely high, wiping out the lower end products. This goes far to taking out scammers, yet does not ensure an expert administration or quality products. Free accounts are such a low-exertion strategy, to the point that working with them infers the supplier is either uninterested in offering something of value, or is a scammer.

7. Keep away from Suppliers who refuse to send samples.

Getting a sample is the principal thing you need to do when you have found another supplier – just to test the nature of the product and all in all confirm that the supplier is genuine and he/she can furnish you with products you’re keen on. When you contact a supplier to request a sample and he/she declines, be worried. However, this may not be a 100% beyond-any-doubt sign that the supplier is a scam.

8. Consider The Payment Option Being Requested

Scammers need to get your cash, yet they would prefer not to be followed and get caught. Certain payment choices make this much less demanding for them. If a supplier declines Visa or PayPal modes of payments and keeps insisting on Western Union or Money Gram, beware! You may be dealing with a scammer! This is because Western Union, Money gram are top picks of scammers since they can frequently abstain from being traced .These payment techniques and plans ought to give you motivation to be especially mindful.

9. Request and Verify Documentation

Requesting documentation from a company on Alibaba fills two needs. Firstly, it can be an approach to rapidly uncover deceitful organizations in the event that they decline to give documentation or set up imperviousness to giving it. Key reports to request are a business permit, and conceivably a financial statement of the company.

10. Request References Outside Of Alibaba

An intense technique for maintaining a strategic distance from an Alibaba scam and low-quality organizations all in all is to approach them for references of different organizations and clients they’ve worked with before, preferably in your own particular nation. Contact these references autonomously and explore them online. This strategy can be capable in light of the fact that it’s for the most part very hard for a scammer to fake, particularly if the references are situated in your own particular nation.

11. Stay away from Big Brands, Especially Electronics

Branded merchandise are by a wide margin the most well-known product in these scams on Alibaba, particularly electronics. This is because, scammers realize that a valued brand proposes a superior deal basically in light of the name, and it’s anything but difficult to publicize the name. Electronics are appealing to scammers as a result of their high esteem and prevalence.

12. Stay away from Sellers Who Sell Unrelated Items

Most scammers offer a colossal number of irrelevant things, all on one site. With experience you can without much of a stretch spot such scammers by investigating the product classifications advertised. In the event that you see products like these on one site with unrealistic low costs, it’s a 100% unequivocal scam.


More importers are sourcing products by means of the online B2B stage Alibaba, and with that comes an inescapable increment in the Alibaba scam. A lot these scams would be easy to avoid if buyers were somewhat more mindful of scammers and how to avoid them. In view of that, the above pointers will help you avoid scams on the Alibaba platform. However, you still have to exercise your common judgment to keep your chances of being scammed low.